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We can make the world better place for animals.

Everywhere around the world, there is animal cruelty and abuse happening. KARA is sheltering rescue animals, educating initiatives, throwing campaigns for animals, urging amendments of the Animal Protection Act, and helping other animal shelters. As there still is ‘dog meat’ industry happening in Korea, KARA is fighting to ban dog meat and is continuously rescuing ‘edible’ dogs. South Korea is one of the places where it needs global attention and help a lot.

We can save more with your generosity!

If you donate
10 dollars - one pet can get minimal feed for a month
30 dollars - one rescued animal can get one time vaccination
100 dollars - one stray cat can get neutered
300 dollars - one pet can get a quality care for a year
Make a one time gift, or become a monthly donor for the animals.
As an international donor, you can donate via PayPal.
Payment options
If you live in Korea and have a Korean bank account, you can donate by direct deposit to Kara’s bank accounts.

Woori Bank (우리 은행)

Account number: 1005-001-646488

Beneficiary: 사단법인 동물권행동 카라

Industrial Bank of Korea (기업 은행)

Account number: 025-075183-04-011

Beneficiary: 사단법인 동물권행동 카라

Kookmin Bank (국민 은행)

Account number: 043937-04-003118

Beneficiary: 사단법인 동물권행동 카라

National Agricultural Cooperative Federation(NH농협 은행)

Account number: 301-0052-1096-81

Beneficiary: 사단법인 동물권행동 카라